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Your First Job

Holding down a part time or casual job whilst you are still at school is a great way to prepare yourself for your working future. Current research shows that students who work part time whilst they are still at school are more likely to hold down work once they leave school[1].

However, life is a balancing act and no more so than in Year 11 & 12: 4GR staff will help you not only to prepare for part time work through developing a resume, cover letter and behavioural interviewing skills, they will also help you to understand how to juggle your commitments and still be the best you can be. 4GR staff will run a comprehensive program for your Year 9 or 10 students assisting them to be better prepared for finding either ongoing work or summer work. Let our HR professionals work with your students to better prepare them for their working future.

[1] The Effects of Part time work on School Students – Australian Council for Educational Research – Longitudinal Study

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