4gr is privately owned and operated by business partners and friends Beth Evans and Gillian Baldwin. They launched 4gr in 2013 with four good reasons… to create a legacy for their collective four children. They chose to do this with a business that creates capacity, building independence for people with various barriers.


Beth Evans & Gillian Baldwin

Gillian and Beth both have extensive experience in corporate Human Resources, Recruitment, Training and people management.

Prior to starting 4gr both Beth and Gill spent eight years working in social services supporting and training long term unemployed and individuals experiencing disadvantage and barriers to returning to work.

Gill is currently completing her Masters in Disability Policy and Practice with Flinders University and Beth has recently completed her Post Graduate studies in Career Development with James Cook University.


We all lookout for our participants and we all lookout for each other. 


Building open and positive relationships with participants and stakeholders is key to achieving our mission, and what I hold as a high priority when working with others. 


As a Regional Manager my role is to believe in all participants until they believe in themselves.


Respecting everyone equally whist admiring everyone’s individuality. There is no room for discrimination. Being compassionate and caring.


Everybody should have the opportunity to live and love the life right for them, whatever that may be!


No matter your ethnicity, colour, or background we are all equal and should always be treated and treat others with respect and dignity. 


I believe everyone is equal, we all deserve to have the same opportunities no matter what barriers society places on you.


Show respect by treating all people we meet and deal with as equals!


Integrity for me is the biggest because open, honest, and transparent communication is needed to effectively help our participants.


As we grow as unique persons, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.  4gr encourages all staff and participants to think about others’ individuality and cultural needs before we act.


4gr reflects professionalism through passion, striving for excellence in quality coaching and attitude.


At 4gr we always aim to reach the best possible outcome for each individual participant by customising their experience with us and striving to provide an equal opportunity for all. 


It’s all about connecting our participants to the right employer. Seeing the smile on their faces when they achieve their employment goals is the best part of the journey.


I believe knowledge is power and power is the ability to learn and make an educated and positive decision in your own life.


My goal is to make sure all of my participants feel supported to be their true selves on their journey.  I’m passionate about trying to turn everything into a positive and encouraging my participants to feel proud of their wins, big and small.


I am passionate about respecting other cultures, beliefs and values, and supporting our participants to reach their full potential.


Learning and sharing knowledge is powerful. Sharing knowledge opens up new opportunities, challenges ideas, and changes perspectives for everyone.


Respect for one another plays a vital role in striving to give participants the opportunities they deserve, to live their best lives not only professionally, but as a person.


I am passionate about empowering participants with the confidence and knowledge to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.


I believe we need to encourage appreciation, receptivity, and acceptance to generate a creative space.  By recognising each others uniqueness and gifts each individual offers, we can create an environment where innovative solutions flow. 


I am passionate about empowering our participants in communicating openly and honestly in a mutually respectful environment, where everyone has the opportunity to grow to their full potential.


I want to  support people to reach their goals of building new skills and gaining experience so they can find the meaningful employment that they want.