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4gr are currently implementing Stickdorn’s (2011) 5 principles of service design thinking. Service design thinking places the user of our services at the centre of everything we do. The principles remind us that service should be seen as holistic, which means not just the services offered to clients but how each separate part of the business – from the processes and systems that are implemented, through to governance and strategic planning.

The second principle is co-creative and we are excited to be placing our stakeholders, including our highly valued participants, “front and centre” in the co-design of our services. 4gr are committed to working in partnership with our stakeholders, reviewing our services and gathering feedback to ensure we are delivering accessible relevant services.

Our first focus groups and semi structured interviews with our participants have taken place and we are excited to start working with more of our stakeholder groups in order to further develop and improve our services. We are keen to make sure our services meet our stakeholders expectations and equip job seekers to find and retain employment.

We will keep the updates coming as we work through these steps, we can’t wait to share this design journey with you all.



Stickdorn, M. (2011). 5 Principles of Service Design Thinking. In M. Stickdorn, & J. Schneider, This is service design thinking: basics, tools, cases (pp. 33-45). Wiley.

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